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For The Love Of
(January 7,1988 - September 17,2078 / Columbus, OH)

For The Love Of

Poem By Erica Francis

For the love of
my shoe collection,

this woman has heels
that fit perfectly
up your ass.

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Er, Dear poetry hound, a pair of 'heels' does not only refer to the heel of the shoe itself.
I'm trying to visualize the heel of a shoe going up an ass. Hmmmm. I think the toe would fit better.
I note your date of death up there Callisto! Fighting talk has to be backed up and is quite dangerous, if you only have a stilleto as weaponry. Someone once told me, a warrior only fights a worthy oponent! I hope you find yours. 9 for suck sinkness! Grinning Tai
neat nasty brutal great fun fine work