(13/08 / hyderabad, A.P, India.)

For The Missing One!

On a magnolia tree,
i found love-birds nestle with glee,

At sunrise, i watched them leave,
& saw them return in the eve,

Then on a cloudy eve, one went missing,
& the other started chirping,

It went on the search with keen,
but its lover was no where to be seen,

It was toiling, its eyes were wet,
my heart ached to see the bird fret,

It chirped till it turned loony,
I saw the love-bird turning gloomy.

It went on chirping for day and night,
It never came out of its plight.

It gave up food and became abate,
surely it didn't accept its fate,

For days it sat there and cried,
alas! with a broken heart it died.

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