It seems that the less a person has
The more simple things have pizzazz
Looking past face value offers more…
Appreciation has a meaningful allure

A man who displays riches loses track
He always wants more and that’s a fact…
Each new jewel is surpassed by the next
Multitudes of desire make life complex

The saying, 'More is less and less is more'
Is a contradiction when adding up the score…
Believe me, it is so; reality tells a tale of regret
Living life with a wanting can leave you in debt

A poor man may own more free and clear
Than some supposed wealthy millionaires


by Theresa Ann Moore

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morning hits all, really good one..
And my arms are held out toward you, It's today I love you. i think the persona had always in love but that he or she had to declare it no matter what. I like the poem.
Among green vines with the mus eof life. Nice work.
The joy of love after it has started makes the poet say all he feels joyous in the morning before his vine garden house!
I have a photocopy of a book publication of this particular translation from the original French. It is by Ron Padgett, and is probably the best known if not the only available English translation. Reverdy lived from 1889-1960, and was often called a 'cubist' poet, though he disavowed the label, calling it a 'ridiculous term'. (See Richard L. Admussen's 1969 essay 'Nord-Sud and Cubist Poetry.' It's a shame there's only one of his poems posted. Maybe I'll add more if my habitual laziness abates sometime.