(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

For The Moment

But never ungrateful.
I say what I mean...
To the ones I want to hear it!
I'm not like many who backstab and grin...
With phony agendas they can't wait to begin.
If something I've done and said
Is directed to the one that it is delivered...
There is no misunderstanding!
Talking behind one's back?
I'm not into that!
That's why I have very few
I regard as friends!
And 'they' are on my acquaintance list!
Since they believe I am easy to offend.
Because I saw them without me with other friends?
I'm bigger than that!
I still have their telephone numbers unscratched.
With their birthdays and special things they like...
And who first to contact.
For the moment!
Things change...and I'm prepared.

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