For The 'Morrow, Keep This Heavened-Gate, Missed Date.

My breath speaketh of thy truth....No more strife in life be due.
However so does one communicate ideas of late? ....
How can any one person face their time on earth? , so predetermined
this fate, from time of birth.
Waylaid, our paths continue through time, only after finally racing
towards God's own unheard voice...
After a much lengthy ignorance of God, We've read the good word and
have made the only rightious choice.
Hail to the new found king...
From up in Heaven, will this be the final one song that all of us God
loving people will for all eternity, be allowed to sing.
Heaven's Gate will no longer wait....
For the 'morrow, will we be able to keep this last minute date.

by Michael Gale

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