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For The One I Love
MJ (2/20/1990 / St. Louis, MO)

For The One I Love

Love wells up inside

Feelings too strong to hide

Smiles play gently on my lips

As I think of your wonderful kiss

You fill me with hope

And it seems everything you say is true

Your kindness washes over me

And it takes away all my pain

Our playful banter fills my head

Laying wrapped in your arms in bed

Your sweet smell and loving touch

Linger there even as I sleep

The kindest man Ive ever met

Do you share my feelings yet?

Your carresses assure me

And comfort my distress

I love being wrapped inside you

Your strong arms holding me close and tight

And I cant wait to lay with you tonight

Keep me safe and hold my hand

And youll forever be my only man.

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Comments (2)

Ahhhhhhh..... I can totally relate with the emotions dear... thanks for bringing it out...
how sweet naman..wish you goodluck to him...nicely done..i smiled while reading..