(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

For The Purposes Of Making Claims

To take a piece and rave about its taste,
While disparaging the creator...
After learning who it was,
Who spent the time in its delivery.
Only validates,
When something delicious is nibbled...
Some will enjoy it for what it is.
And will become interested,
As to 'who' whipped together the flavor.
Seeking an opportunity to meet and greet.

There will always be that 'one' amongst them all,
Who will convince anyone who listens...
They too should become suspicious,
When someone does something so well,
There has to be another motivation...
Needing further investigation.
Because there just has to be much more,
Than just one's experience...
And love that assists one to excel.
Especially when something done is accomplished,
With such tireless effort.
Someone like this needs an instigated probing.

'Have you tasted this?
It is wonderful.'

~I know.
I enjoyed it much better before I discovered,
Who made it.
Aren't you the least bit curious as to 'how' this was done? ~

If it's to be enjoyed,
Why should I be the one to make attempts to destroy it? '

Some of US like to get to the bottom of things.~

'For what purpose?
To re-create the flavor for the purpose of making claims? '

'Not necessarily.
Just to ensure certain procedures were accurately followed.'

I hadn't thought about that.
You do have a point.
Let me recommend that to the others.~

'By all means.
You do that.
If you have the time,
I'd like to have another piece.'

Me too! ~

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