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For The Rest Of My Life
TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)

For The Rest Of My Life

Poem By Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

Every morning I'll wake up beside you
And marvel at you angelic face
The sun across your eye lids
How you breathe with such grace
And I'll thank the Gods for this gift
That I may share my life with you
For giving me something so pure
Something so precious and true
You may not believe in religion
But you are living proof
For without divine creation
There would never be something as beautiful as you
For The Rest Of My Life
I want to lay down to sleep at your side
To fall into slumber in your arms
To hold you with such pride
I want to take you far from here
To a place beside the sea
Where snow never covers the ground
Where happiness is free
I want to share my bed with you
Every night of our lives
To lay you down in rose petals
And bring you the stars from the sky
I want to give you all that I have
And chase every tear from your eyes
I want to love you as much as you'll let me
For The Rest Of My Life

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wow..this is great..i deeply appreciate it..that man is so damn lucky...i envy him..i hope someone will do the same for me.