For The Sake Of Our Memories

Don't be deceived by the strength you see in my eyes
or by the perfection you witness in my stance
for when you leave they just rain on me with the skies
while my defeated knees collapse in a glance

your smile used to make my heart rejoice
but I have absorbed it all in the past, it seems
forgive me for the Indifference you hear in my voice
forgive me for obscurely summoning you in my dreams

Don't be mislead, by the height of my shoulders
or the smile you see so frequently
it is merely a mask worn by fearful soldiers
or the remainder of my pride reaching out to me

be wary of the words you are about to use
for words leave scars which are easier to trace
you have always been smart with gestures and clues
you were always able to read the silence in my face

please don't look at me with those distant eyes
look away, it will be easier for me to survive the months
Remember our energy, laughter and miles
Don't wave to me, with hands; you've held me with once

by Ayesha Sartawi

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