(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

For The Sake Of Visuals

What dilemmas can be solved,
If the proof of truth is not involved?
Or sits in places unfaced and hidden,
Away from a table that should enable...
A sifting through facts.
How can issues be resolved,
If a bickering revolves...
Around a nitpicking to continue that!

And yet...
Professions of confessions,
Stay falsely intact.
As a plea to end needless debates,
Are purposely presented to create more attacks.
And bets are placed to congratulate,
The one already deemed to be victorious...
With a guaranteed confetti laced parade.
Just for the sake of visuals made.

'Excuse me,
What has any of this have to do,
With the presence of truth? '

This is about image.~

'But earlier you said...'

The presentation of the trophy is about to begin.~

'What a farce.'

You must agree,
It is one that is spectacular.
Isn't it? ~

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spectacular, good write, thanks.