The Voice From Heart Within The Head

God gave us each an inner voice
To tell us what is wrong or right;
It speaks from heart within the head,
And keeps us walking in the Light.

This innate gadget clearly tells
What God expects from human souls;
And if we fail to heed, it yells,
And makes us guilty, feel remorse.

The conscience goads us from our ‘sleep',
And cautions in wild decisions;
It warns us when our soul's at stake,
And keeps our spirit, always awake.

If you can go by your conscience,
You need not fear the world at large;
When joy is sinful, moral's weak,
We go astray, away from God.

If human passions go unchecked,
And power, empowers to sin,
Chaos prevails in life on earth,
And war we must, against Satan.

The joy from mortal sin lasts short;
The soul's devoid of grace of God;
The Tempter dwells, corrupting heart,
And takes us on the wrong lanes, paths.

The conscience pricks your heart and mind;
The righteous heed to all it says;
Silencing conscience has its toll;
The soul in sin's abyss, then falls!

The conscience is my teacher prime
That keeps me doing things, God's way;
Heed to your conscience throughout life,
And don't succumb to devil's sway.

Soul's light that burns within your heart,
And tells you whatever is right,
Controls the human being's acts,
And guides one stay steadfast, and fight.

The sinner's conscience has gone blunt;
A virtuous man still hears the call;
Redeem your conscience if 'tis lost;
God's Will be done, not human will!

The world believes in human rights;
Relativistic evils rule;
More heinous sins and crimes abound;
The human spirit horse is mule!

The man with conscience clear and clean
Is brave and bold in storms of life;
The tainted slates of sinful souls,
No grace of God erases well.

The innate, instinctive conscience
Is care-taker of human thoughts,
And keeps all deeds in Maker's way,
Unless man knowingly does sin.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 3-08-2014

by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

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