For The World

Why do we violate our women?
Beat and abuse our children
The killing, kidnapping and raping our girls
Life is turning into war of the worlds

Lies, deception and those who cheat
Promises that we seldom keep
The jail that is ever so full
The gun that we are eager to pull

Our loved ones we tend to hurt
As though their feelings has no worth
Was this God’s plan for us?
A world where there is no trust

I am not a saint, oh no not me
For I too have sinned terribly
Do not think that this is a boast
Because I lost the one I loved the most

The consequence of my actions were severe
The cost was endless nights of tears
There is no revenge like a woman scorn
Especially when her heart has been torn
This poem is not about me
Well a little but not entirely
It’s about humanity misguided ways
That will accelerate the end of days

Don’t you think it’s about time?
That we live in a world free from crime
Work together and tame the beast
Live not at war but at peace

I had a conversation with a star one day
Poor little guy was in such dismay
He said we don’t appreciate simple things in life
Sadly I must admit he was right

My eyes are burning this late night
Everyone is in their bed snuggled up tight
Even the mosquitoes are under their sheet
I must say a prayer before I sleep

Father I thank you for today
And for all of humanity I pray
If you don’t mind please make the crime stop
I pray that thing is different when I wake up

by Anthony Yorke

Comments (1)

We take so much for granted, and God surely is weary of all the deceit. We excuse the things we do or say, and think that everything will just be okay. But there are repercussions, for all we do, I am just thankful when people like you, have the courage to say (write) what they feel, and to those that listen (read) and understand the deal. We should all take a moment or two or three, and talk to God, ask Him to make us see. We have what it takes, to make things right, after all God made us, and gave us direction. We have the Bible to follow, and not with discretion! Follow God's law, believe and repent, Jesus has already saved us from sin. sorry, did not mean to ryme away there, it just came out.... Excellent poem! Awe inspiring actually! 10!