For They Are Asleep...

When souls are tired, their bodies part, leaving them from mortality
as they venture on into another world, their loved ones cry for them
But this I tell you, accidents happen, and this causes fatality
it is not your fault for they have died, do not be condemned

God has chosen their fates, and set them in eternal slumber
do not be frightened my child, for they are not in pain
As their minds leave the world, they can not cumber
so do not despair, they are merely asleep in heaven's lane

Though you pay them respects, and offer your blessings, that is not enough
for what good is respect, when they are no longer living?
But still their spirit lives on, hoping you grant them their wish of love
to take care of their living loved ones, reassurance, they are needing

Even if they are gone from this world, they will still be watching
keeping you safe, guiding you to the path of tranquility
Please do not be in vain, their souls are not dieing
for they are just asleep, it is their destiny...

'For God has decided fate, death is chosen not chance, fate has destined him to die. There is nothing we can do, but guide them throughout the way.'

by Riche Lim

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