For This Love

Poem By Vee Bee

To make sure none followed where you led
I used my hair to cover our tracks
Sun set on the island of our bed
night rose
eating echoes
and we were beached there in tangles of flicker,
candles whispering at our driftwood backs.

Your eyes above me
afraid of promises I might keep
regretting the truth we did say
less than the lie we didn't,
I went in deep, I went in deep,
to fight the past for you.

Now we both know
sorrows are the seeds of loving
Now we both know I will live and
I will die for this love.

- Sadiq Khan (as quoted in Shantaram)

Comments about For This Love

As I understand it, this poem is written from the point of view of a woman and tells of a clandestine (extra marital?) love affair which the couple is trying to hide from the world/society/family. This is why the woman is trying to hide the road that they have taken with her hair and this is why she talks about his eyes being afraid of the promises she might keep, which are promises she made to her another man, possibly her husband/fiancé. They regret the truth they did say only because of how it has complicated their life. And she says she goes back in time (figuratively) to fight the past for him (her past) . Now they are both sad (since the truth is out) but very much in love and wish to live and die for it. If anybody has any other ideas of what this poem means do let me know.

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