For Those Eyes!

Those eyes I see, always remain unseen
When I peep in and in - I see nothing;
Absolutely nothing: no color, no question,
Not a bit of wonder even!
Just stoic and and stony as ever
To say everything with splendid fervor
But says nothing, nothing in my year.
Or I can't hear?
Still I gaze on and on and sure no mystery hides
In corner of those lovely eyes!

At times I see -
Those look shape less and
Again appear with twinkles with well curves
Around me and mine;
Feel, as if those are only for me!

Not sure, ever not sure
To guess you see me or I really could see you.
But, everyday I look at those lovely eyes
And see, those even are fixed at me.
Again feel, as if those are only for me!

Days move with nights on back
Sun opens up me within, I see again
And you remain unseen.
I remain at me and you remain at yours.
So, also the distance remains -
Will it remain for ever?
Still, for your eyes I will stare as before
Again also so even after!

Hrushikesha Mohanty
20th August 2012.

by Hrushikesha Mohanty

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