For Those In My Care

It is past nine o'clock at night
In the halls we have dimmed the lights
Over third there prevails an uneasy quiet
No flash of lights, no ring of bell
Lets us hope all is well
So in this moment of in between
Of things yet unknown or unseen
I pause to say a prayer
For those who tonight are in my care
Lord let them know we understand
That they too had dreams, and the things they planned
Leaving all they deemed worth while
From far and near- they have come to walk this lonely mile
That we too can almost hear the silent cry
From bed to bed, Lord why me! Why?
We too know the homesickness they fight
And the doubts and fears that come by night
Please Lord hear my prayer
Let them know we care
For we know there is no lonelier people under heavens dome
Than those sick and far from home.

by J. Laverne McCawley

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