W (11/7/87 / My Depressed Heart)

For Those Of You Who Told Me To Write About Something Happy

I Drip Blood Onto The Sheets

Because my Wrists Have Sprung A Leak

Shadows, Overtaking my Eyes

My, This is A Lovely Suprise

I laugh In The Midst Of my Tears

I begin to laugh at all my fears

I hope that when I wake, they will be gone

So That I can pretend, like nothing's wrong

My thoughts are all over, Hither an Yon,

My thought's are running, a marathon.

As I fall, Into this sleep,

Death slowly, begins to creep

To take my life, and fill my head,

with thoughts of what it's like, to be dead.

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oh wrath, your poems speak to me. Even on the ones you don't try hard on. Once again your cynicism made me smile (not in a creepy way)