Four Muses


The four primordial states of consciousness
That randomly express artistic creativity.

Painting, sculpting, composing,
Crocheting a pastoral tapestry
With billions of hummingbird feathers -

Every artist experiences
Their affecting pulsion,
None predominating
Then suddenly one leading
And reaching fruition.

Four conditional factors,
Mind enhancers
Transforming vision to product,
Self-consuming guides of intellect:
They govern the change
From thought to deed.

~ Inspiration,
Inseparable portion of my Self,
Formulates desire and need,
The coveting of a precious concept,
The cradling of a newborn thought.
Suggestion of my imaginary stimulus,
Triggers my fancy
To search the void of my brain
For a minuscule fresh seed of notion,
Asking for a response.

~ Illumination
Recognizes my worthiness
And seeks the ways and means
Of aiding the inspiration,
Preparing my mind for an embryo solution,
Kindling the flame of discarded concepts
And giving new life with reason.
It brightens my playing field and
Inspires the game,
Shining a spotlight on the tiny idea
And throwing it into the central circus ring
For the audience of my obscured mind,
To see and appreciate.

~ Incubation
Is what my Self questions,
My mental detective
That seeks to disprove
Or alienate the idea.
Yet, if the seed survives
The withering inquisition,
It automatically matures
With sufficient strength
To endure manipulation
And unyielding critiques.
Impetus forces change,
The final viewable realization.

~ Modification
Is the culminating act,
A change for the senses to accept
It dwells at the end,
Suffering alteration:
Hindsight more prevailing
Than foresight -
My looming Atropos.

by daubmir nadir

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I do not know what the first two lines are trying to say. Do you think the thought is clear here? I do not think so. The rest of the poem gets better.