JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

For Those With Wings

for you whose wings have been mutilated
before the time even for them to heal
for you whose wings are falling apart
and dragging you down farther than anyone wants you to be
for you whose past has kicked you
at the time and you still you live through
for you whose wings have shined at one
time but have been tattered and torn
for you whose wings have been take
slowly have been are dying along with your smile
for you whose wings still are held so
precious and close to you folded only to bring them closer
for you whose wings stay hidden to
anyone who can't get close
for you whose wings have fallen away
but only to be replaced by others
for you you whose only companion could
be another but still they fall feather by horrid feather
for you that furry tail and ears
you love but yet another
for you whose heart has slowly shinned

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