For To Be An Indian English Poet, An English Girl Is A Must

For to be an Indian English poet, an English girl
Is a must,
You accept it or not,
But I accept it
As have seen
Many bluff-masters turning into
Not masters, but profs
Of English,
But unable to speak in English
Even though haltingly, hesitantly,
Full of ifs and buts
And mugging
Just like a coy mistress
Under the burkha, the ghunghata,
Taking into the mouth,
Chewing paan,
They speaking
So that students may note
Understand his lectures,
Right or wrong
And with them
Does not remain English,
But turn into Bihari English,
Bengali English,
Tamil English,
Telegu Eglish,
Malyali English,
Kannada English,
Gujarati English,
Punjabi English
And with the tribal,
Santhali Englsih,
A Bihari Bhojpurian
Speaking rough and tough Bhojpurian English.

So, I have come to the conclusion
For to be an English poet,
An English girl is a must
And those who do not have
Should not be allowed to teach English,
As these bloody bastards
Will destroy the standard of the language,
King's English, Queen's English,
I mean my wife an Elizabeth,
Beloved Miss Ivy,
Julie or Daisy,
I going with my rose,
Red rose,
A rose-like English, European beauty,
A foreign memsahiba
of my bungalow
And the Hindustanis in the bazaar
Marking my wife
And having returned to our bungalow,
We playing the cards,
Saheb, bibi and gulam.

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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