MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! For Vasant Kothari

Every funeral, cremation, and its rites
may have its grief; yet too,
its celebration of a life well lived;
and call out, too, self-dedication’s vow:

as the crowd of living witness
quietly leave and share their murmured words,
this vow ever calls to me: to celebrate the living:
celebrate them just as if it were
their – our - last day on earth:

celebrate and praise unstintingly;
encourage and enthuse and aid;
form their virtues in the mind and
speak them loud – as if
these whom we praise, were unaware
of their own virtues..

celebrate the living, and their life
shall celebrate the praisers in its life..

Vasant, your sweet, contained humility
hid from strangers, showed your friends,
what you were; and, who we are;

I hope your spirit (which, I’d like to think,
inspired me to the sounds beyond these words)
approves, accepts – in the eternal present tense –
these thoughts of you.

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