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For Whats Blue In The Outside And Green In The In
OP (11-14-1988 / California)

For Whats Blue In The Outside And Green In The In

i cant quite recall my courtesies
as your tag reads through the clouds
with rooms full of clovers and rodents paws
for wrapped up rackets and smiles
and your golden star stole my heart
well as for now I’ve got no choice
and many a cloud has rolled its way through
leaving me tongue tied time again

i beg you to let the tick tempo race
because your scent alone turns up my lips
and I’d walk five hundred miles on flaming hot coals
just so yours might stay warm and stay lit

Oh how I could stare and lose myself
i could stare twirling fingers and hair
i could nap for weeks knowing your by my side
knowing my heart is yours and yours mine

yet alas it is not so
although the itching, burning, plea
for when I stare into your green blue rings
i cant help but buckle my knees
because for only for you would I wake
and for only for you would I wait

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You have great promise for your age! Very beautiful. Sincerely, Mary