For Whom?

For whom?

"For whom? " is
-what they asked
-and they taught
"Do you write? "

"For myself, times to come…"
-I have meant to tell them
-but was shy, kept silent

They told us of poems
-concise and line-break
-giving form, sort of shape
-readers need a leeway
-to see it in own way

Ambiguity, translates!

I agree, disagree!

Ambiguity made Hafez
-miracle of puzzles
-for ages has been read
-hardly two see him same

But Saadi and Rumi
-speak in direct way
-light as sun, clear

I write of life today
-interior, exterior
-politics and social

Of poor's need and greed
Of losses in levels,
Of masters and slaves
-lamb and wolf and tiger

History in the books
-is nothing but abused
-to sell or make class
-I intend to write facts

by Nassy Fesharaki

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Of poor's need, Of greed, Of losses... might be better Nasi, in this well-executed poem.