Specially Stand

Specially stand

Let each parents take due care
Appreciate daughter
Sons or sisters
As they are precious family members

They are like flowers
Coming up under our care
Take full attention while growing
They have full knowledge and knowing

Parents work hard
And leave no word
Or room for complaints
It shows how deep they care for best interests?

Daughters specially stand near
Each secret is shared
The moment of joy is made known
And enjoyed with all and with one too

Generally daughter receives more attention
As she is close in relation
In each work she is participating
And always combating

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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So beautifully stated. Easy to understand and simply put, the idea that we need each other and need to see our relationship to the whole. We are it, it is we. So appropriate for todays world and the ocean of garbage we all share, we all created, we all may be washed away by the ocean's dominance.
I so remember this poem from high school however I remember it in another phase that went like this. No man is an island no man stands alone for each mans joy is joy to me but each mans grief is his own we need one another so I will defend each man as my brother each man as my friend. I think thats right but I cant find it any where but my aging head.
Lengthy but Embroided with facts. Kudos donne!
The most Realistic Way to look life. You Shout Read it for Yourself. En Español solemos decirnos cuando alguien cercano a Nosotros Muere y queremos llorar: En vida, hermano en Vida.
John Donne (and your page) are real and marvellous discoveries! Thanks!
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