Sad Karate Expert

A great sportsman was he,
before losing Marie.
She left him one night
cheerless and melancholy,
yet Marie is all he can see,
skill & endurance is history.

Kung Fu and Karate
were once his priority,
but a novice he seems
speaking athletically;
because all night and day
he pines for Marie.

High hopes of world fame
he cannot sustain...mind
over body causing the pain.
Mentally dull, weak physically
all because of the loss
of his dearest Marie.

by Joyce Hemsley

Comments (18)

Lengthy but Embroided with facts. Kudos donne!
The most Realistic Way to look life. You Shout Read it for Yourself. En Español solemos decirnos cuando alguien cercano a Nosotros Muere y queremos llorar: En vida, hermano en Vida.
John Donne (and your page) are real and marvellous discoveries! Thanks!
........we are definitely all in this together....this write is very beautiful....yet it is more like a letter of importance than a poem...written for someone special....someone chosen....someone for whom the bell tolls...the concepts in this poem are man is an island unto himself....when one of us fails....we all fail....and vice versa....truly this poet understood the meaning of togetherness....otherwise how could he have composed this brilliant masterpiece...
A poem written in poet's own holistic approach regarding the church, meditation, and collective responsibilities and such so other things which are important and the poem is very beautiful.
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