For You

Poem By Junior Pocoloco

I'm giving you my friendship
It's yours now
Keep it in your pocket
Your purse
I don't mind
Let it end up in the washing machine
But please know that it came from cold winters
And stormy seas
So now after so many miles of searching
My friendship has found you
And brings you flowers and bread.

Comments about For You

'My friendship has found you And brings you flowers and bread' Rachel Ann Butler
Wonderful poem of friendship. One needs a sweet friend during the 'stormy seas' in our lives. A '10! ' for sure! Keep writing and sharing! Warm Wishes, Marilyn
Oh, my God! ! It made me laugh so much. It made my morning. Junior, were you ever in the navy? You mentioned stormy seas.....just intellectual curiosity. But, I love your poem: I thought it was very sweet. The recipient is very lucky to have you as a friend. Is she pretty? :)
Mr. Pocoloco: (Great name BTW) I particularly enjoyed this one. The best friendships are probably those that can be forgotten for a while, become encrusted with lint, go through the laundry, and come out looking great. Thank you! -G
A gift with no strings attached. A good wam feeling from this. Thank you.

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