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For You

Sailing in the midst of an ocean...
When a tide came along
To sweep me on to the shores...
The shores of a deserted island...

Screaming was I,
None could hear though,
As every heart beat passed by,
Losing along with it were my hopes...

When the first dropp of tears freed itself
Came along was a new begining
A begining that I had the desire for,
And a begining I never dreamt to have with..,

Joy and Happiness followed my heart beats.,
Passion and Love accompanied them along..
Not once all my life I ever realised..,
That such a fragnance of love existed in me...

All my life shall be bestowed to this moment,
When my ray of depression was subdued by your arrival...
As I saw myself in you,
I stood there thanking god...
For giving me a lovely sister in you to Me.

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