For You

Since you think everything is about you
I decided to direct one at the things you do
And what I really think about who you are

Oh my how I can’t stand you,
I can’t stand the way you act
I can’t stand the way you talk
I can’t stand how fake you are
I can’t stand how emotional you are.
However most of all I hate that I love you still the same.

That’s right I said it and I won’t deny it
I talk all the shit I want about you
And all of what I say I believe to be true
Because you won’t let me in.

You’re afraid of what I might think of what I might say,
But you shouldn’t be I have made mistakes as well
You only hurt our friendship with your lies and deceit.

I want you back on the right track
I am not saying dropp your friends
Or even not be in that sort of situation at all.

I know you know what is right and wrong,
We have talked about it, when we see others on the wrong track
And how we know it’s no right so why have you fallen?

Is it the fact that you are too weak?
Do you feel the need to be accepted?
To be someone who you are not?

If you need someone to help make you stronger I am here
If you need to be accepted for who you are I am here
When you are ready to be the girl I know you can be
I am here.

For when I see you after not talking
It’s not awkward for me, it’s not like I want to get away,
because for some reason I am drawn to you.

Not in an emotional,
Relational, or even physical way.
But in a way I can’t describe.

Talking about everything going on
Discussing what we will do for fun
And just sitting even when we aren’t on the same floor.

I left my house the other day
Because my mother and I got into a big fight
And as I walked without any idea of where to go, I thought of you.

Don’t ask why I did
Because I don’t know myself,
But I guess it just shows even if I haven’t talked to you in months

For some reason I feel
That you know what I am talking about
And know what to do to help me through.

So there you go I made one about you
For the first time in a long while
And to be honest I didn’t expect to write what I did.

by Elliott Gilbert

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