For You

Dearest little girl
The time has gone now
And the moment of departure has approached
I am bit scared that the memories remain
And will pinch me ever.

Your jolly face
Your innocent sentiments
Your thoughts; your laughs
And your cries and tears
Will pat me ever.

An ambitious little girl
Let it not come to you…….
The days eclipsed and the nights frosted
The ways scratched and the moves twisted
Let it never come to you………..
The adversity never ending and the pains recurring
The uncertainty ever lasting and the misery enduring.

Dearest my little girl
With every tidings of new sun
With every seduction of new moon
With every twinkle of new star
Be ever enthusiastic and cheerful
Be ever gracious and watchful
I will be secretly smiling
From far
Very far away
Waving my hands for your success
From glittering but solitary horizons.

by Ramesh Gautam

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Comments (2)

finest piece of art of yours. Give the readers more of the type.
Well said the parting words with wishes to the dearest little girl.....lovely poem