For You

Lights of the day fade
But to me everything shines
Heaven opens its gate
And out pour those rhymes
It may be quite late
Now that I write these lines
But the reason is a fate
That my heart defines

It is all for you
Simple and true
It is all I can do
The one single glue
I like you to see
A part deep in me
Buried in a sea
Of pain and of fear

If you were poison
I‘d swallow you on
If you were a rock
I’d climb you on clock
If you were a star
I’d go that far
If you were blind
I’d picture your mind
If you were a beast
I’d tame you at least

I’d do all
To let you not fall
I’d go on
So that you won
I’d take rest
For you- to be best
I’d fight for your heart
Against all that seems hard

by Michael Saurer

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Incredibly beautiful! !