Churchyard Blackbird

Black and haloed, my spiller of gold,
Stark and hallowed as a gilded ghost,
Raptured rhymer of the honeyed throat,
Pert proclaimer of embodied thought,
Spell me my tidings, cast my weird,
Illumine my way with a birdlike word
Sprung from the core of the yew's red root
Up through stone and your splayed foot,
In through your gizzard, gritted and green,
Out through your bill, yellower than grain,
Into the air, emblazoned with sun.
Sing and I live; fly, I'm undone.

by Giles Watson

Comments (6)

A great spiritual poem has been executed nicely.Ony for God all the solar part is shimmering.Thanks for sharing.
Your mercy! ! Honour and glory is the truth! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing.
Spiritually touches me through this excellent poem....thanks for sharing
A gret love poem for God, the creator. Well wrote Mehtab.
The last line is simply wonderful!
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