Love is like a bouquet of flowers
stuck in a cloud of black
once you are in, it's hard to turn back.

Love is like a sleeping baby
awakened by the thunder
her gentle soul scared, her head full of wonder.

Love is likesweet strawberry wine
and a walk on the beach
sparkling with laughter, tastes bitter-sweet.

Love is like rose petals
and a flame of fire
wrapped in silky sheets, filled with desire.

Love is like passion fruit
with such a sweet smell
it can seem so good, but sometimes complete hell.

Love is like a rose
it's full of need
if you grip it too tight, you're able to bleed.

by Kayla Hawkins

Comments (6)

A great spiritual poem has been executed nicely.Ony for God all the solar part is shimmering.Thanks for sharing.
Your mercy! ! Honour and glory is the truth! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing.
Spiritually touches me through this excellent poem....thanks for sharing
A gret love poem for God, the creator. Well wrote Mehtab.
The last line is simply wonderful!
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