For You....

Poem By Lyrael Myrna

For you…

I would never sell my soul just to keep you
You wouldn’t love a vacant me
I would never kill myself for you
Then there wouldn’t be a person to see

If I was on the edge of life
I know you’d lift me up
If I was crying, by myself
I know you’d try and help

Today seems to be precious
Tomorrow may be the same
If I couldn’t see you soon again
I’d certainly go insane

Why do lovers fool themselves?
Into living this fantasy
Why do we have to dream?
When there’s only you and me

So keep this charm and keep this smile
As long as you can stand
The pain and anguish of this life
Come on, take my hand

I keep the mental imbalances
And keep the diminishing highs
Despise those who try and make me smile
Hate those who love to deny

For you I’d think that maybe the world was good
Because I have you in my arms
For you I’d try to do things right
But end up causing harm

I need the gentle words
Whispered in my ear
I need the warmth and tenderness
That I try to commandeer

In the end I will steal
Your happiness and love
With cold, longing grasping hands
For you, I’d do this much

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