For You

I saw it in your eyes
The night I realised I might lose you forver
I don't want to listen to your goodbye
Please, return to my side
My radiant light.

Please, put you hand in mine
Let me show you the sunrise
I'll pave your path back from this winter
I'll clot your river of blood

If I could I'm willing to breathe for you
If I could I'm willing to bleed for you
If I could I would lift you up into the light
Your place among the stars, where you belong

Please know, I love you
Before it is too late
Please know, I'll understand
If life becomes too unbearable
And the only key to salvation
Becomes the key to my demise

As long as I know
Its what you wanted
As long as I know
You are happy

Hopelessly I weep
Watching you descend to the end
I lay at the spot you fell
Painstakingly collecting the pieces
Of you
I will put you back together
If not in life, in memory
In my heart

by Raven Keller

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