For You

For you life is just a great battle a battle you wage every day
Just to keep mind and body living as success from you seems far away
When you are poor you know who your friends are to many the poor are not known
But you are not the town's only poor battler in that you are not on your own
The factory you worked in made you redundant your wife left you and took your only daughter they now live elsewhere
She grew tired of living the poor life she went to try her luck in the World out there
It is not your fault you became redundant the reason you lost your daughter and wife
For people like you life can be a struggle as you do know about the hard life
On poverty line welfare benefits you struggle for to pay the rent
On buying food and paying your bills your paltry fortnightly income you have spent
But you are a hopeful sort of a person and all hope out of your life has not gone
And though you miss your wife and your baby you realize your life without them must go on
For you life is just a great battle but of hope you never despair
And you never do complain of your lot and you never say life is unfair.

by Francis Duggan

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