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For You

For you I’d climb a mountain,
I’d grab the furthest star,
I’d walk from here to Timbuktu,
No distance is too far.

I’d drive all night, and longer,
For just a passing glance,
I’d camp in your back garden,
If I thought I had a chance.

I’d walk through coals and feel no pain,
If you were waiting there,
I’d find you in a crowded room,
Forgive me if I stare.

You know I’d heal your broken heart,
I’ll take away your pain,
Remember now, that warm embrace,
To make you smile again.

For you’re all I ever wanted,
I love you, heart and soul,
And I would gladly die for you,
Because you made me whole.

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hello it's david again. If you write about expirience, This man is truely lucky to have met you.
Very good poem. It sure sounds like someones in love to me. Excellent, I could soo relate.