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For You
JC Java Chip (09/13/91 / Korea)

For You

I guess I never specified,
how my love for you has grown,
with the would that you have given me,
I have learned.

Yet you say you don't love me,
but everyday I see,
that in your eyes there is that sparkle,
of happiness when you see me.

I guess I never realized,
how much pain and agony I gave you,
back in school where you wound me,
my thoughts were only on I.
I could only think about,
the reason, why? why? WHY?
why did you not love me?
why did you make me suffer?

I tried with all the energy I could muster,
I tried to forget about you,
but seeing you everyday...just
well it just killed me...
not knowing...
i could never have you.

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