For You And Me One Day It Will Not Matter

For you and me one day it will not matter we will only remain as a memory
In the minds of those who knew or who knew of us humans are born to mortality
'Tis only Nature herself lives forever that is a fact and facts do never lie
All of her life forms on them have a time span and she alone the one who will not die

We ought to make the most of our existence for time on our lives ticks and ticks away
The birds will sing though you and I won't hear them for to greet the dawning of a calm Spring day
The Human World it will go on without us we are small grains in the great sands of time
Each rhyme I write I know is one rhyme closer to the night or day I'll write my final rhyme.

Her Reaper he is Nature's equalizer with his scythe equality he create
He is the one who makes all people equal and yet the one none wish to celebrate
We fear him yet 'tis the fear of him we do fear our egos cannot seem to cope with fear
But to survive suppose we all do need some ego and feel happy for to live another year.

For you and me one day it will not matter a fact of life in which we do not have a say
Life for us it will not go on forever so try to make the most of every day
The birds will sing but you and I won't hear them and the swallows will return in early Spring
To mate and breed in the place where they were born in the thread of life is a never ending thing.

by Francis Duggan

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