For You Babii

could die I could live a lie
As I am right now
I give up but I can’t
I go on somehow
When things change I will be glad
But till that day forever sad
Broken inside by careless people around
Who stomp on you when found
The chance to hurt they take it
When you’re hurting they hit
I have broken I am no more
I will forever be sore
Those I thought cared turn on me
From this pain I can’t flee
I could kill I could cut
I could starve myself but
For you I will stand strong
Even when things are wrong
I know that I can talk to you
Understand I know you do
I could block things out and get drunk
But I know i've already sunk
It hurts I aint know what to do
But rely on you

by foxy babii

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Comments (3)

meaningful and lovely.....10+
u know babii..u r amazing! is it an intended self talk or mirroring some general psychos.
i do like the tightness of your lines, have you been in rehab; JUST CURIOUS? KEEP IT UP!