WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

For You I'll Fly In The Sky

24 hours until I'm there to hold you near
13,922 kilometers is worthwhile to fly to see your smile
A million miles I ‘ll walk so we can talk
The oceans may be wide, but I'll be by your side
The seas may be divided, but nothing will stop me from being by your side

There's no better way I want to spend my day
By your side, I'll lay, and by ecstasy, I'm taken away
The birds cannot tweeter any sweeter
So sincere the laughter from you I hear
Adoring you is my career for I want you here

All I want to do is to be with you
Fill me with your charms for I want you in my arms
To have and to hold until we are old
Until the end of time when the bells no longer chime
Until there are no more coastlines, and the sun no longer shines

To break your heart I'd never ever
You make my life complete for you are the very food that I eat
Without you, I'm nowhere, and life would be so unfair
Your voice in my mind echo's, and each passing day my feelings grows
Awake in a dream for your kisses are supreme

I'll face the heartaches if that's what it takes
I'll climb to the hilltop for I won't stop
From this endeavor, I will not slip for it's you I worship
On me, you can depend for I'll fight for you till the bitter end
For you, I'll fly in the sky

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