For You Mother


Here is a little poem,
to a mother sweet and mine,
I hope when this poem reachs you,
that you are feeling fine,
I know you're in the old southwest,
Arizona to be exact,
in sunshine and warm air, although,
it is not always so, this I know is fact,
I know you're always a lady.
as sweet as you can be,
and mother I'm so happy,
that you belong to me,
of all my friends and relatives,
neighbors and all the rest,
it is my own sweet mother,
that I love the best,
when are you coming,
to visit for a while,
when at last I see you,
then I can really smile,
I know you like to travel,
our wild west all o'er,
I hope that soon you'll travel,
straight to my front door,
I love to see the sparkle,
in your brown and loving eyes,
in your heart I know,
is a love that never dies,
I hope you come a calling,
and set my heart aglow,
I really want to see you,
because I miss you so.

by Harry Bryant

written for my mother
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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Your poem FOR YOUR MOTHER, published here after 40 years is everybody's poem, and your mother is/should better be: everybody's mother. I give you 10, dear Harry Bryant (I wish I had more points) . Thanks for continuing to read my poems, and for your nice comments Joseph Josephides member of the Intermational Society of Poets (ISP)