For Your Challenges In Life

For your challenges in life you do not have to go to fight in a war far away
Since you have your own personal struggles to contend with every day
Why some people wage war on strangers to them for their government and their own fame
Is a sense of patriotism gone wrong for want of a better name
Young people go to war for to kill or to die
Government leaders who talk of a just war must believe their own lie
Every war is based on lack of love, compassion and trust
There is no such a thing as a war that is just
Why go to fight in a war in a land from home far away
When you have your own personal struggles to face every day
They never does hear the last post the war dead
Or hear from where they lay when nice things of them are said
Or look forward as the living do to the years ahead
Perhaps those who send them to war should fight in their own war instead.

by Francis Duggan

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This a more a personal declaration than a poem, but I get the massage and what you are trying to say.