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For Zee©

I'm growing and growing, as quick as I can,
According to Heaven's intricate plan!
I'm a butterfly baby, I'm heaven-sent,
My kisses are magic, to an incredible extent!
I'm dancing thru' life, each day is a song,
I write the lyrics, now c'mon sing along!
My life is a cakewalk, an exciting game,
My high fashion sense, puts Brittney to shame!
Lessons are easy, and studying is fun,
At the end of the day, my homework is done!
I wake up to Mum, and Dad's hearty laughter,
I love to watch them, live happily ever after!
Our home is a haven, of peace and delight,
We chase troubles away, and make things alright!
Of course there are times, when I wear a frown,
But then I do hand-stands, and turn it around!
How utterly awesome, how blessed to be,
amazing, spectacular, PHENOMENAL me!
© :)

by Roann Mendriq

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