Forbidden (Epic)

Part 1
Celio, a man of many words. Born
Into a corrupted and troubled time,
His survival was questionable. At
A very young age, his family was
Slaughtered by an unknown force. During this
Time he was taken in by his uncle,
Who later died in battle. Now alone
Once more, he set out to avenge all those
Who lost their lives protecting him; but how?
He was unskilled, unrecognized and much
Too young; but Celio wanted revenge.

He wanted to cause pain to the one who
Caused him pain. Soon, he set out to learn the
Ways of his blood thirsty people and be
Consumed by the greed and corruption that
Infected them. During his travels, he
Stumbled across an old man. “I know you, ”
He whispered. “I know what you think…and want.”
“You speak foolishness, sir, ” Celio spoke.
“I speak foolishness, you say? Do you know
The ways of your people? ” Celio’s eyes
Widened with anticipation. “Tell me
More.” The old man snorted. “Do you see the
World around you? ” Celio turned his back
To notice his surroundings. “All I see
Is sand.” The old man laughed. “Do you know why
You only see sand? ” Celio shook his
Head. The old man grunted. “It is because
Of YOUR people. They took the green world from
Us. They caused this grey world.” Celio was
Silent. “There are only two types of us
Left. The Destroyers and the Creators.
Your people were Destroyers. They waged a
Civil war with the Forbidden Weapons.

The weapons were immensely powerful.
They were also unstable. In time the
Weapons became impossible for your
People to control and they began to
Destroy cities. Then continents. It was
Not long before we were brought to the brink
Of extinction. Those who were left alive
Devised a plan to rid the world of the
Forbidden Weapons. Destroyers as well
As Creators made new weapons that could
Cause the power of the Forbidden Aura
Within the weapons to destroy the parts
Of the weapons that kept them together.

When the Forbidden Weapons were destroyed,
The Destroyers took the weapons made by
The Creators and continued their war.
You seem different from your ancestors.
You have the fighting spirit of them, while
Containing the heart of a Creator.
You have the blood of both clans. You are the
One to end this war.” Celio had not
Expected this. “How do I do this? I
Can not fight. I have no experience! ”

“WE will teach you.” Voices came from around
Celio’s feet. Then, people began to
Rise from the sand. They were the Creators.
Their skin tones were diverse, but they all had
No color in their eyes. It was a pale
Grey that seemed to have been robbed of color.
A strong looking man approached Celio.

“So you are half Destroyer, huh? We will
Train you in the ways of OUR people. Got
It? ” Celio understood. This marked the
Beginning of his grueling and painstaking
Training. It took years before Celio
Was ready for combat. One day, as his
Training was coming to a close for the
Day, a large explosion came from the west.
“It is Him.” A young Creator said. The
Rest of the Creators began to meld
Their bodies with the sand and disappeared
From sight. Celio had not learned how to
Do this yet, so he was left to face Him
Alone. As He approached, Celio came
To be more frightened. He was not facing
A mere man, but a thing of which he has
Never seen. With every step He took,
Explosions erupted around Him. It
Was clear what He wanted. Destruction.
As he grew closer, Celio knew what
He had to do. Celio must slay Him.
Celio raised his weapon. He began
To laugh. “I can take Him. You are nothing! ”
Celio came to be filled with rage. The
Rage was from all who he lost. He focused
It into his weapon and discharged. The
Explosion created from the blast was
Extreme. The Creators were forcefully
Unearthed instantly and were tossed a great
Distance. The monster the Creators called
He was obliterated. Celio
Was unaware of the power that he
Had just unlocked. It was the Forbidden
Aura. The power, however, was too
Much for Celio to control. He was
Too inexperienced to wield immense
Power like this. He soon allowed himself
To be engulfed in the malevolent
Forbidden Aura. He then yearned for all
Around him to be destroyed. He craved more
Power as well. As he went to use his
Weapon, he saw a man approaching him.

It was the elder Creator. He grabbed
Celio’s weapon and it began to
Fall apart. “I will not allow you to
Be consumed.” With those words, the Forbidden
Aura escaped Celio’s body and
He dropped to the ground, violently. Some of
The uninjured Creators rushed to his
Aid. “We must nurse him back to health, ” A young
Creator stated. The elder shook his
Head. “We cannot.” The young one began to
Sob. “If we don’t, he will die! ” The elder
Chuckled. “He will heal on his own. He is
Stronger than we thought. With more training he
May even be able to defeat the
Forbidden aura itself.” Everyone
Shared smiles at the thought. “Let us just hope he
Stays on our side.” With that, the Creators
Vanished into the sand, leaving the young
Warrior to sleep, resting himself for
His destined battle with the dark aura.

Part 2
Months raced by as Celio only grew
Stronger. His style of fighting changed as well.
He now knew the ways of the Creators
And could use their powers at will. He was
Regarded as the most powerful in
The Creators’ bloodline. His powers could
Even be more powerful than that of
The entire clan itself at it’s near full
Potential; however, he still could not
Use this power or the true Forbidden
Aura may arise to take hold of him
Once again. During a training session, Celio
Noticed fast moving black clouds above him.

“The Forbidden Aura, it is back.” The
Elder approached Celio. “Here, you will
Need this.” The elder tossed Celio a
Weapon. It was an incredible piece
Of machinery, created only
For Celio. It contained the blood of
Every known surviving Creator
Causing it to be the most powerful
Weapon ever constructed by any
Man, Creators and Destroyers alike.

The cloud lowered from the sky and came face
To face with Celio, but soon dispersed.
“What is this? ! ” Celio raised his weapon
In anticipation. The Creators
Watched with the same anticipation. Soon,
Figures came to be recognizable.

It was Celio’s family. He dropped
His weapon. Tears began to run down his
Face and he leapt into his awaiting
Mother’s arms. As he grew close, her smile soon
Began to fade and her face grew mean and
Minatory. The others shared the same
Facial expression. When he went to touch
Them, his hand passed through. Then, their faces and
Bodies became distorted. Celio
Knew he had been trapped. He extended his
Arm for his weapon, but his sight was now
Cloudy. “You are MINE, ” an unknown voice spoke.

The black cloud now circled Celio and
Embraced him with sickening smog. He could
No longer breathe and was close to losing
Consciousness. The Creators could only
Watch in horror as Celio became
Engulfed in black smoke. “Celio, ” a young
Creator cried. There was no response. The
Forbidden Aura spoke in his place. “The
One you call Celio is under my
Control and when I am done with him, I
Will slaughter him as I did his uncle
And everyone else! ” Once he heard this, the
Brave warrior Celio awoke and
Broke from the dark cloud’s grasp. He ran towards
His weapon with incredible speed and
Launched his first attack against the aura.

The weapon loosed an amazing aura
That shined all colors. It moved with unreal
Speed and struck the dark cloud. The cloud dispersed
Instantly. “Is it over? ” Celio
Was astonished at how easy it was.

He did not understand that he only
Weakened the Forbidden Aura and it
Was staging a counterattack. Days went
By as Celio and the Creators
Enjoyed the Forbidden Aura’s absence.
On the fifth night, as Celio slept, the
Vicious aura attacked again, but this
Time against the eldest Creator. His
Cries were heard throughout the area, but
Before anyone could help, his soul had
Already been taken. Celio rushed
To his body to find it lifeless. Tears
Began to roll off of his cheeks; but soon
His sadness turned to rage and the only
Thing he wanted was vengeance. Sensing such
Emotions, the Forbidden Aura was drawn
To him, and rushed back to the area.

“You WILL die, ” Celio yelled. He ran at
The dark cloud and launched an amazing attack,
Punishing the murderer of his new
Master. It was a magnificent sight,
Light and dark aura clashing in such a
Dazzling array of colors. The darkest
Aura soon disappeared…then, the lightest.

As the battle ceased, it was evident
That Celio had accomplished the task
Of defeating the Aura, at the price
Of his life. At the end, there could be no
Victor. His actions, however, did not
Go unseen. Those known as Destroyers, were
Soon freed of the dark aura’s grasp and went
Back to their ancestral roots. Creators.

by Devon McElveen

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