Forbidden Fruit

Second nature,
Human nature,
To want what is not ours,
We watch those things,
With hungry eyes,
We think for hours and hours.

What’s it like to own that?
What’s it like to hold?
The grass looks so much greener there,
So much more lush,
And bold.

We take for granted,
What we have,
We toss it to one side,
We look at what we don’t have,
We spend time chasing,
The forbidden without pride.

The mind grows tired,
The heart less content,
Satisfaction weans away,
We no longer want,
What we have,
What is clearly on display.

Then comes the lesson of life,
One tasted the fruit is stale,
It doesn’t hold it’s flavor,
Now it seems dry and pale.

When will we learn,
Forbidden fruit,
Is forbidden for a reason?
When will we learn,
Our possessions,
Don’t need to change,
With every season.

by Aisha Sherazi

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