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Forbidden Love

My darling my dearest, I love you so much,
But I can not have you, and I must not touch,
You belong to another for better or worse,
My heart aches my darling, I yearn and I thirst.

I wish I could hold you for a moment or two
Just wrapped in my arms with tender loving care,
For a moment of pleasure I'd gladly share.
But that can not happen for it would not stop there.
We'd want more time together to love and to spare.
Instead I'll adore you, from the window I stare.
Just to catch a glimpse of your passing, or just standing there.

I'll love you forever, I promise I will.
Even though you not far away, I'll never have a chill.
I yearn to be close, I yearn to touch.
I yearn to be near you, I love you so much.

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