Forbidden Love

How lucky she is
she didn't even care
how special you are
how she could dare

She treated youso bad
she didn't deserve your love
but them I came into the picture
and it was like heaven from above

We met in the morning
I had lost my way
And I am forever in your dept
because of that day

you were so special
such talent unused
and your love for her
was abused

I wanted you for myself
I was madly in love with you
and then you looked my way

I had received a rose
on valentines day
and your ex broke up with you
on valentines day

how cruel could you get
to destroy you heart
But I was with you
I was with you from the start

My heart's flame still burns
and I am still in love with him
But now we can love each other
instead of our love being forbidden

by shelbie bozeman

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