REK (02/10/1985 / Beirut)

Cigarette Smoking

To hell with cigarette smoking
I am coughing like I am choking
Over-looking those approaching
To give me lectures and some coaching
On the possible side effects
That I know of already, like cancer
I am no idiot, just a helpless intellect

To the cigarette
I say you wanker
For turning my life around
Instead of letting me down
Now I constantly smell
Like a polluted well

This daily consumption
Is becoming a costly addiction
Make it a New Year resolution
Give up, give up
Before you take another drag
Of that audacious fag
Stop, think, and stop!

2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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Missing the smile she was pride to show, should read proud Believed the pain hadn't to be found perhaps Believing pain would not be found One notes that the poem appears to have been written in 2005 when the author was 20... doubtless diffficult days direly doubled by dour deceptive dreams...
wow, this poem is really good... ;)