PE ( / Montreal, Canada)

Force Of Nature

force of nature
in the missing
in those eyes

you are what you were
meant to be
for me

everything you killed inside
everything you lied
to survive

how you tried to mask
the essence in the tree
you hang upon

when you gave up on me
you let me let you
give up on you
for a reason of indecision
for my hand
you could not take
for a branch
you could not break

eyes of retreat
mouth to disgust
heart in mouth

let it push the rush
to crush even the dust
like the blood you bled

pain is of the feeling in
dreams of the dead
my own
for yours
you forget
this time is
for you
to take this
without my hand
or my voice

travel out to the center
let my child touch you
with my smile lighten you
a song to move you
a word to take you
to that place
in the missing

by P. Espiritu

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