Forced Marriage


The most productive wife of this
Unholy polygamy,
Has become a subject of abuse…
The co-wives are some flamboyance
Of elitist machinations,
Inviting Hell on this communion…
And progress condemned to Purgatory,
The blessings of the family becomes
A curse for all…

What nature has put Trisunder,
The white man has joined together…
Even the Great Rivers of the Land
Flow grudgingly as they confluence
At the land of the violent hearts…
This unholy trinity has become our
‘Everest of Catastrophe’,
A battle to be or not…,
It rages on the front line of
Neo-colonial abracadabra
And we are guided on the lessons
Of capitulation yet destiny remain clear
Of our course…,

The colonial gamblers draw the race
At race-course and the people, grudgingly,
Inexperience of the race or the course, dabbled
Into this blind adventure inside a lake, boosting
The sickle ego of the colonial collaborators…
Like three naïve virgin girls,
The colonial Casanovas cajoled us
Into this unholy polygamy of matrimony
They rape the land as the
Children of this marriage probe the
Legality of the union; the milk of our breast
Must not run dry else they die.

The offspring of this illegitimacy
Hack selves down for control
Of resources in the hand of the neo-colonialist
And their pimps,
They throw away kindred spirits as stigma
Of this unholy polygamy of matrimony manifest
In this land God has blessed in abundance.


by akachukwu chukwuemeka ( akabeks)

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