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Forcibly Dieing, , ,
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Forcibly Dieing, , ,

tell me beloved, how could i forget you? ?
and every part of me, still loving you..
whenever closed my eyes, saw your brightness eyes..
run away to wilderness from you and found you there..
you are in all my dreams...
you are,
in my wakefulness, slumber, and in my dream..
my feelings become openness secret....

never forget my tears..
and never forget my laugh, and dreams
and my memories..

all was cause of you...
every shed tears at farewell you..
ever laugh i draw when met you, ,
every memory with you, i carved in my heart,
to let heart pulsate..
yes, , ,
my heart pulsate now in your passion..
and i will loving you to last and end of my life..
love you....

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