Forcing Our Path

It's never like we forcing our path,
It's truly a matter of navigating together;
We sail on same boat to the same shore -
That shore, our temple, fulfillment,
A day and night focus of our prayers;
Indeed a pall of smoke in frozen air
Keeps us miles within the boat's bounds
Though we yearn for each from the soul;
We endeavor to shoot to breach the pall
And thaw the frost crusted all round,
Bring the warmth to our star-crossed sail.

What is evident is not always the truth,
God has not designed so simple this Earth;
Though we sail together to the same shore,
Though bound in diamond, deep in the souls,
Odd tides of world like Himalayan walls,
Impenetrable to mortal devices we possess,
Incommunicado keeps us all along the sail.

North and south though poles apart,
Inescapable parts of the divine design;
No South exists without the North,
And no North unrolls without the South;
Oft light is hidden in the womb of night
And order is instilled from incorrigible mess,
Opposites do arise as norms in pairs;
It's now night, daybreak may not be far,
We roll on tides of hopes and despairs,
While force our path to thaw the frost
That crusted all round and frozen the air.

by Praveen Kumar in Celestial Glow

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